Know Saikat

– Born in Kolkata, the cultural capital of India and house of countless talents, Saikat is passionate about music and singing. Though an engineer by profession, his zeal for music has always inspired him to pursue his passion professionally.

He has rocked several places in India with his dazzling performances. He is associated with Bengal’s eminent music director and his mentor Mr. Ashok Bhadra and his team and has performed across India with renowned actors. In US, he has been spinning the web of his magic voice across several states and neighboring countries. He has toured with several celebrities in India and US and performed with legendary singer Kavitha Krishnamurthy ji and several other saregama and Indian Idol singers.

He has gone through voice training under the guidance of his mentor, teachers at Hartford Repository and Scranton School of Music.

He has acted in bengali soaps and telefilms and has done modeling assignments as well in India. Saikat has recently worked on a Music Video in association with his mentor Mr. Ashok Bhadra. Recorded at mumbai’s Prestigious Meet Bros studio and shot at scenic place across South Asian countries, it has become a runaway hit all across. Not only his singing but acting skills has been appreciated by press and audience across the world. Bengali version of his latest composition is headed for movies very soon.

On stage, Saikat is sometimes an aura and sometimes a streak of lightning energy. From evergreens to remixes, from old to new songs – He performs with an invigorating and captivating energy. Welcome the New age Don of Bollywood Music.

  1. Somnath Chattopadhyay says:

    Very good…Best of Luck Saikat.

  2. Amol Bhavsar says:

    Hey Buddy, This is really great…………….
    All The Very Best

    *** Tum hi ho asli DON ***

  3. Shyam Ranjan says:

    sahi sai dada,aap to ekdum chha gaye!!!

  4. sauvik mukherjee says:

    nice bro..u rokkzzzzz

  5. ANSHUMALI says:

    really like it

  6. Mithua Ghosh says:

    Really nice……..keep it up and go ahead

  7. Sumit Roy says:

    “gaane gaane taba bandhana yaak tute!”

    Way go go ACE!

  8. shannu says:

    Saikat uncle ,you are awesome with your rocking moves and dancing steps!!! you have always inspired us!!! Shreyas, hopes to be like his best friend…… you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~Shannu and Shrey

    • Saikat says:

      Thank you my two are the cutest..bestest and the most adorable rockstars..thank you very the best in your life..God bless you both..

  9. Chandrika Mody says:

    We like you to sing all famous songs specially old songs also.See you soon.

  10. Indu Sarkar, Stamford says:

    Good wishes as tou launch in
    a big way 👍😊

  11. RAKESH KUMAR says:

    Hello Halder , i just saw your video with legend female singer KAVITHA K. I think you made your dream true, keep-it-up dear, congrats.

  12. Sharmistha says:

    Hi . My name is sharmistha Dutta . I am sending you this message from Bengali association of south Florida . Can you please call me at 561 573 8972 . Regarding dura pujo program.

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