Phone (USA): (973) 462-1695
Email :
Type of Music –
Bollywood Songs – Old and New Romantic Hits, Fast Rocking numbers, pop music, modern songs – in Hindi and Bengali

Saikat has been performing with live bands and have done Karaoke shows in India. However, currently he is not associated with any band and for the time being,  is doing Karaoke shows for parties, stage shows, fundraisers, charities and many other social and corporate events/gatherings.

As he has realized the power of Karaoke music, would like to share some of its advantages………..

1. Gets rid of the overhead and cost of supporting hands/musicians.
2. Gets rid of the expense on stage requirements for additional equipments.
3. Gets rid of the expense on additional space to accomaodate additional resources.
4. Gives more freedom of customizing the stage with lights and props and merging Dance performance with the singer to give a flavorful look to the performance
5. Gives more feel to the songs as the music is almost or totally same as the original score from the movie.
So…Why wait..when you are searching  to add melody and colors to your celebrations……….

Contact Saikat  anytime for –

1. Stage Shows – Event Celebrations

2. Birthday, Wedding or other celebration parties

3. Carnivals and Cruises, DJ nites, TV Shows

4. Corporate Parties, Fundraisers, Charities

5. Conducting Antakshari

6. Compering, Hosting Shows


1. Musical troops can also get in touch for Co-Singer.

2. Modelling

3. Acting

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